2019-09 September Update

2019-09 September Update

Below is a summary of the enhancements and bug fixes found in our latest update of VisualDLP 

 Improved Invoice and Work Ticket Batch Printing:  Now you can skip the download and go straight to the printer when batch printing invoices and work tickets.

 Answer Order questions faster:  We've added the Date Invoiced to the Quick View on the Order List: 

Getting Ready for Integration:   We've added a new User type for connecting EasyRx to VisualDLP.  

Find those "Suspicious Orders":  There's now a new report to search for Orders not invoiced by Ship Date

Ship Date Time on Order Entry Defaults to the Default Ship time set in Global Settings - Order Entry Settings

Improved Doctor's Portal:   Now your customers easily search and export invoiced orders to Excel.  Also added Total Charge on the grid

Bugs Fixed in the September Update

Inactive Accounts were appearing in Order Entry account search results.
When printing invoices using the Print Queue, some rendered invoices were not formatted properly.
Mid-month statement download link was appearing over existing text
Place an order on hold and clicking Save had the effect of changing the Hold status.
Dates were not printing correctly on on Invoices when batch printing them
Order Notes Date Created time was not being displayed in local time