2019-10 October Update

2019-10 October Update

Below is a summary of the enhancements and bug fixes found in our latest update of VisualDLP

Faster Updates to Orders - Saving an order is now three times faster than before.

Added Account Phone Numbers to the Shipping Tab of the Order Entry Page

Added Print Credit/Debit button to Account Adjustment - to enable log into Global Setting/Financial Settings and set active the Account Adjustment form.

Deleted Orders are hidden by default in order list.  Can be shown by enabling "Show Deleted"

Users will be warned when order wont be delivered on time based on Production Schedule

Now only print the statements you intend to mail. Account balance appears in file name

Customized Invoices, shipping labels and work tickets can be printed from Order Entry page in the Custom Report menu.  To enable, log into Global Settings/Order Entry Settings and select the custom reports you want to appear. 

Export Doctor info listing for mailing labels and email campaigns. Note: you must be an Admin to access this feature

Added Total Production Days Allocated counter to workflow designer. Rename Days to Days Allocated

Added Doctor Description to Invoice and Work Ticket report designer

Print Out Order Notes - To enable log into Global Settings/Order Entry Setting and select Notes Log in the Cut

Bugs Fixes

Date Parameters were not showing correctly on IPad
Estimated charges were not being calculated correctly on Proposals
Order Audit Log used "changed" instead of "set" in the initial entry when order was created.
Error saving an account when an imported phone number did not have a type set.
Order can now be saved with either first or last name field. 
Order Shipping Reports would not include orders without a due date
Reports with no parameters were incorrectly asking for date range parameter
Accounts could be linked to the wrong price lists on data import
Fixed Print to PDF in Report viewer.