2019-08 August Update

2019-08 August Update

Below is a summary of the enhancements and bug fixes found in our latest update of VisualDLP

A complete Audit history has been added to the Order Entry page.  You can now track almost every change made to an order and see when it was made and by whom.


A Prescription Number field has been added to support integration with the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription platform.  Orders can be searched by Prescription Number.


Activity Doctor Instruction have been added. In addition to Global Instructions and Product Instructions per Doctor, you can now have activity instructions automatically added to orders based on the workflow and individual Doctor preference.


Moved Tooth Number before Quantity in Order Entry.   Since entering the tooth number will automatically set the quantity, we move it before the quantity field to save you a click (after all, they add up)


Fixed bug in Order listing.  When you move from 4 digit to 5 in your order number, the 5 digit orders were not showing at the top of the list.


Report Fixes:

Sales Tax Summary  – showed credits in the wrong date range.  If a credit was issued against an order, the credit to sales tax showed in on the date the order was originally invoiced instead of when the credit was made.

Account Activity Report – Ending Balance and Beginning balance was off due to credits being included in calculation incorrectly.

Adjustment and Payment listing – was reporting in Universal Time instead of user’s local time zone.

Shipping Reports – reports that include Routes now use the Route associated with the Delivery Address, not the Route on the Account Setting, if one exists.