2022 VisualDLP Updates

2022 VisualDLP Updates

Below is a running list of the enhancements and bug fixes for VisualDLP released in 2022


Added ability to create an order from a 3Shape scan on 3Shape Communicate


Enhanced product tagalongs and added ability to create Account product tagalongs

Added Paid Transactions data to Payment Register report

Resolved issue with inactive products showing when adding workflow to product

Fixed Search Account displaying all orders instead of the searched Account orders

Fixed Uninvoiced orders by ship date report not displaying data on orders page

Added ‘No Date’ to credit card billing date in Account Settings

Added batch credit card processin

Added Department to search on orders page

Enhanced image capture quality

Added Department and current activity to Uninvoiced Orders report

Fixed issue with credit showing as billed units

Fixed issue with unapplied payments marking invoices as paid

Released Enhanced Account history log. Shows all changes made to an account.



Added toggle button to hide inactive products on products page

Added ability to select multiple activities to complete in the Employee Interface

Now you can un-apply payments from the invoices it paid for. This will not change the account balance, only allow you to re-apply to other invoices.

Bug Fixes
Fixed “Operation failed” error when completing activities in the order entry page 
Fixed issue with duplicate payments being posted 
Fixed account transactions sorting issue 
Fixed issue with Cases by Ship Date not showing AM or PM  
Fixed issue with not being able to print shipping labels 


 Enhanced auto scheduling when rescheduling activities for an order.  When rescheduling an order, completed tasks will be returned to the new schedule.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with total doctor case count on work ticket report.

Fixed issue with Add Product button not being enabled in the Employee Interface.

Added Current Activity to Orders by Ship Date report


New Order Tab for Orders Created by EasyRx Prescriptions

Track Total On Hold Time for Orders

Add Orders to EasyRx .

This new global setting will allow EasyRx connected labs to create orders from VisualDLP and it will create a script in EasyRx.

Turn on Global Setting

·         Navigate to Global Settings -> Integration Settings.

Toggle on the Automatically Create Orders in EasyRx setting


  • Added links for EasyRx 3D, EasyRx Dashboard and STL print 

  • Fixed statement emails not sending when an email address is blacklisted 

  • Improved EasyRx connected lab access and service accounts access 

  • Fixed Uninvoiced Orders by Ship Date with Current Activity report not getting orders by ship date 

  • Fixed not being able to edit delivery manifests

  • Fixed pricelist cloning when N/C set on a product in a price list

  • Fixed department sales deductions when a product is invoiced and has a zero charge

  • Moved product info and tooth details to memo field for Statements.


·        New Global Setting. Once enabled employees will be able to view cases from all business units when looking up orders and booking orders in the Employee Interface.

Added status log when processing statements.

Business Locations Allows users to setup business locations and assign employees to the locations. Users can also assign default workflows to products based on location. At order entry, the assigned default workflow will be selected for the product entered. 

Add Business Location 

  •  Under Settings, click Business Locations 



  • Click add Business Location, enter Location Name and Description and click save 


Assign Business Location to Employee 

  • Navigate to an employee, then select a business location from the drop-down menu and click save 


Assign Default Workflow – Location-based 

  • Navigate to a product. Under the workflow tab, add a workflow if none are assigned to the product.  


  • Next, select a location from the drop-down menu. A pop-up will display confirming if you would like to set the default for the location you selected. 


Assign Default Workflow – No location  

  • Navigate to a product. Under the workflow tab, add a workflow if none are assigned to the product. 

  • Then click the icon with the check mark to assign a workflow as the default. 

**** Please note that default workflows with location will take priority over default workflows not set to a location 


  • Updated default zoom when viewing EasyRx prescriptions 

January 2022

 Added functionality to view all open orders for an account when entering an order.

Added functionality to view and download EasyRx prescriptions from order entry

When entering a new doctor, the application will suggest a doctor search key. Users can still create their own doctor search key.

Bug Fixes

·         Fixed employees with no activities assigned not being able to clock in on the Employee interface
·         Added Delivery address and shipping notes to Cases by Ship Date Range report

·         Fixed exporting CSV file from Export Transactions grid

·         Fixed credited tax not being subtracted from Taxable and Non-Taxable sales reports