A Letter to DL-Plus Customers

A Letter to DL-Plus Customers

Hi, this is Todd Blankenbecler, President, and CEO of EasyRx.  

It has been a couple of weeks since we finalized the merger of EasyRx and Jenmar. I wanted to follow-up to introduce myself, welcome you to EasyRx and outline a few key points, hopefully, answering some initial questions you may have about the merger. 

I am very excited to have Andy and his team join EasyRx. I am equally excited about the possibilities the combination of EasyRx and Jenmar can offer labs and practices. We’re confident no other software provider can offer the combined solution we now offer.  You and your lab customers will greatly benefit from the combined company and solutions. 

Going forward

Going forward, Jenmar will continue to run like you are accustomed to seeing day-to-day. Andy, Alex, and Ryan will continue to work full time on Jenmar with Alex and Ryan continue to be your primary support contacts. Jenmar is keeping the same phone numbers, email addresses, and website.  

We are currently implementing a few changes to serve existing and new customers better: 
We recently updated www.jenmarinternational.com.  
We implemented our Support Management System (Zoho Desk) to manage Jenmar support ticket and follow-up.
There is now a dedicated Jenmar Help Center linked to the website, https://support.jenmarinternational.com/portal/home.   
Soon we will be adding support features like On-Line Support Chat and allowing you to create your support tickets.   

Our plans for DL-Plus
As a DL-Plus customer, we understand you have fully integrated DL-Plus into your day to day lab management systems. We know it is integral to your lab. I want you to know:

1. We have no plans to sunset or otherwise stop supporting DL-Plus, as long as we have customers using DL-Plus. 
2. We will not impose a deadline for you to upgrade to VisualDLP, the cloud version of Jenmar software. 

Our plans for VisualDLP
Jenmar VisualDLP is the newest version of Jenmar software. VisualDLP is built on current technologies and runs “in the cloud.” VisualDLP is our go-forward lab management product.  Our commitment is to develop VisualDLP to be as robust as DL-Plus.  Today, VisualDLP is at 16 labs and has been well received.  Reach out when if you want to learn more about VisualDLP,  we can show you around the product, answer your questions, and explain the process to transition from DL-Plus to VisualDLP. 

About EasyRx
EasyRx is universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software for practices and labs. EasyRx allows practices to manage their lab prescription process, including submitting cases, tracking cases, and 3D printer and lab management integrations, all from one application.  Labs can sign up as a Connected Lab, allowing the lab to receive cases from any EasyRx practice. We also offer 3D solutions for labs, including basing STL models for 3D printing and bracket removal. Visit www.easyrxcloud.com to learn more.  

We have already started integrating EasyRx and Jenmar.  As we get further along, we’ll be back in touch with more information on the integration, our plans, and how you and your lab customers will benefit. 

Finally, please call or email with any questions or thoughts you have.  My contact information is:


Again, welcome to EasyRx.  I’m excited to work together. 


Todd Blankenbecler
President / CEO 
1-888-340-3751 x702